Round – easier done than said

Much if not all of taiji is “round” .  Arms encompass a roundness.  Some postures are like holding a ball. Some like the maiden works the loom (shuttle) look an feel like one is pushing on a huge floating sphere while the arms could be the cradle for a smaller sphere.

I aim for a feeling of the lower back being rounded, convex, like a turtle rather than concave.  Concave invites converging force to focus on a sensitive or vulnerable point in the spine –  but convex round is protective and distributes force through the backbone.  In the back, the idea is round, but not bent.  Bent focuses mechanical energy on a point, round distributes evenly through all points.  Focus energy on a point to break it on that  point.  Distribute energy along all points for an unbreakable structure.  If you have a back problem like mine, you may have a distrust of the forward bend unless the curve is even and round without that bend that invites collapse and injury.  Round, easier said than done.


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