Open, round, relax, rooted, Xin is not distracted by thoughts

Guide words from recent classes.

Xin is aware of the open-ness of a posture, of being relaxed, of being deliberately rooted to the ground, and not distracted by thoughts.  Observe how arms are round, open, not bent – collapsed.

A few reflections.

These are basic but not trivial.  Sometimes because fundamentals seem simple  we get impatient and take them for granted. Fundamentals need to be renewed and sustained by conscious effort every day.

Our thoughts are not are Xin.  Our brain is not our Xin.  Even the “mind” is something we make up so we can talk about it, so it is not our Xin.   These things, brain and thoughts are physical entities.  I’m not so sure about mind – that’s a word which bridges physical and metaphysical.  My Xin is me the observer.  Xin is engaging the brain right now to come up with these words — this is thinking, and thinking require the physical – in the case of the brain – true, the mind is at work. Xin is acting on the world (mind ?) but also listening – listening- listening – and now as I write, reporting.  Here we’re right at the point where words begin to fail us and on the edge of the published world of knowledge. This is where we are with Xin.  Xin is the observer and a conscious entity.

There’s a lot of concern about what happens to Xin after we die.  If one takes as fact the endurance of our Xin beyond death all kinds of belief systems are possible.  If you don’t take it as fact, then we’re stuck with observing the world.  Listen without thinking – what do you hear?    Xin is a real thing and its existence does not depend at all on what you believe.

In our practice, we practice to make our movements open.  Open is a characteristic of Qi hue.  Relax – relax is a characteristic of “ping”.  Rooted is a characteristic of Qi Hue.  For Xin to be ping, xin may be aware of thoughts but does not engage them.  Xin is not thought… thoughts are a product of the brain, which btw is probably the most complex thing in the universe.  What came first — xin or the brain?

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” – Mark Twain

Phillip K Dick : “reality is whatever refuses to go away after I stop believing in it.”


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