Gold in the rock

21 June 2015.

Today a pretty good analogy.  Our practice is something like working on rocks that have a little bit of gold in them. While we can be happy with the raw ore as it is, the gold in the rock is far more valuable when it is separated, purified. Then we can do with the gold as we wish.

Taiji is the work that separates the gold from the rock.
Marshal arts use the gold for a specific application which is combat. But we have other uses for this gold. The work of separating the gold from the ore is our practice. We do what we want with our gold.

Form – the class is working on the second cross hands set from the Brush Knee – Needle at the sea bottom – Fan through the back – Turn, Draw, Punch,  Step forward, parry and punch.  We note what part of the hand is the impact point of the punch.

Form-  we reviewed the movement from  an to single whip.  The fingers are relaxed and without tension from the push (an) through the 180 turn to single whip

Note –it would be very useful to refer to specific sections of the form by number.



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