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doo-doo / buddha

Posted in story on October 2, 2011 by marksun

A man visited a monk (for reasons I’m afraid I have forgotten – maybe he went to demand how to obtain Buddahood).   The conversation was not to the foolish man’s liking. The monk said,  answer this question:  “how do you see me?”  The man replied “you are dog doo-doo!   How do you see me?  The monk replied, “you are the Buddah!”  The man, surprised went home happy and related what happened to his sister, declaring “I won the argument with the Monk.”   She replied,  “Brother, you have to realize that you are what you say about others,  and not what they say about you!”


Errors and mistakes

Posted in story on June 13, 2009 by marksun

Limin mentioned in class that a friend’s son is at death’s door as the result of a drug overdose.  A time that should have been one of joy became a time of  grief.  Many of us have experienced   shocking tragic loss of one much loved but troubled in life.   Everyone makes mistakes but some errors have life altering or life ending consequences.  As parents we see our children take risks or make mistakes.  We try to help our children, or the children of others to learn from mistakes and take steps to help them make decisions that will lead to a better and happier life.  Sometimes we watch helplessly because we do not have the power to change another.

Tragic unfoldings of events occur in each generation.  Some live well to old age while others are cut down young.

Not long ago  someone I knew died suddenly, and I thought of  this passage from the I Ching. The man was an ex-Marine,  in his 40s, with young children, yet was still a warrior.  I like to think he lived and died well.

… the end of the day has come. The light of the setting sun calls to mind the fact that life is transitory and conditional. Caught in this external bondage, men are usually robbed of their inner freedom as well. The sense of the transitoriness of life impels them to uninhibited revelry in order to enjoy life while it lasts, or else they yield to melancholy and spoil the precious time by lamenting the approach of old age. Both attitudes are wrong. To the superior man it makes no difference whether death comes early or late. He cultivates himself, awaits his allotted time, and in this way secures his fate. (Wilhelm, 28. Ta Kuo / Preponderance of the Great)

dropping the habbit of being judgemental

Posted in story, taiji with tags , on November 2, 2008 by marksun

In graduate school at the UH school of Public Health, one of the things that was taught was that to understand the lives of others, one must first put aside judgement of others.  In practice it is a hard habbit to break.  Dropping the habbit of being judgemental can be incorporated into taichi practice too, because  judgemental thoughts  are an example of  extraneous and unnecessary thoughts that occur in practice.  When such thoughts occur, go back to feeling that the tailbone is heavy, or one of our other practice images.  2 November 2008

Light Body

Posted in story, taiji with tags on October 16, 2008 by marksun

There was a long morning qigong session with a student with cancer. The session had been extraordinary. The student observed that although he had felt warm, he had been aware that the normal feeling of his body had been replaced by the perception of his body as pure radiant light.

This is an experience of the light body; we can observe our regular physical body, our chi energy body, our light body, and perhaps, upon attaining enlightenment, whatever lies beyond light.

story from class on the 16oct08

The General saves his Army with a thought

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15 Oct 2008  Once upon a time, an army crossing the desert, fell desperately short of water. The General of the army knew that he must do something to help the army find the strength to keep marching or they would perish.  He gathered the army and  shouted out  “Watch now! there is water ahead and a beside it grow  big mei zi trees.  Think now of biting into  the fruit of the mei zi  and march on to water!”  The mouths of the soldiers  watered at the very thought.  This brought relief to their  thirst and the will to go on.  Rejuvenated, the army marched through the desert  to water.

The Bo Le

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Story. The Bo le.. there is a word, Bo Le for a master or teacher who has the ability to know who is ready to learn, and not. A bo le embodies one with the power and authority to empower others.

Internally there is a part of us that is the Bo Le that knows what each of the other parts, like the arms, the back,  the internal muscles of the abdomen, stomach, intestines, etc. need to do.