Yang Style Long Form

Part 1 – The First Cross Hands

  1. Preparatory posture
  2. Beginning form Raise and lower hands
  3. Grasp Sparrow’s Tail
  4. Single Whip
  5. Lift hands upward
  6. White crane spreads wings
  7. Left brush knee twist step
  8. Hands strum the pipa
  9. Left  and Right brush knee twist step
  10. Hands strum the pipa
  11. left brush knee twist step
  12. advance step, deflect, parry, punch
  13. Like sealing as if closing
  14. cross hands
  15. Part 2. Second Cross Hands

  16. embrace tiger return to mountain
  17. observe fist under elbow
  18. left and right step back, dispatch monkey
  19. flying obliquely
  20. lift hands upwards
  21. white crane displays wings
  22. left brush knee twist step
  23. needle at sea bottom
  24. fan through back
  25. turn body and strike
  26. advance step deflect parry and punch
  27. step up, grasp sparrows tail
  28. single whip
  29. cloud hands
  30. single whip
  31. high pat on horse
  32. left and right  separate feet
  33. turn body kick with heel
  34. left and right brush knee twist step
  35. advance step, punch downward
  36. turn body right kick with heel
  37. advance step deflect parry and punch
  38. right kick with heel
  39. Strike tiger, left
  40. Strike tiger, right
  41. turn body, kick with right heel
  42. twin peaks strike the ears
  43. left kick with heel
  44. turn body, kick with right heel
  45. advance step deflect parry and punch
  46. like sealing as if closing / apparent withdraw and punch
  47. cross hands
  48. Third Cross Hands

  49. Embrace tiger return to mountain
  50. oblique single whip
  51. part the wild horses mane, right, left, right
  52. grasp sparrows tail
  53. single whip
  54. maiden threads shuttle
  55. grasp sparrows tail
  56. single whip
  57. cloud hands
  58. single whip
  59. snake creeps down
  60. golden rooster stands one leg left / right
  61. left and right step back dispatch monkey
  62. flying obliquely
  63. lift hands upward
  64. white crane displays wings
  65. left brush knee twist step
  66. needle at sea bottom
  67. fan through back
  68. turn body, white snake darts tongue
  69. deflect, parry, and punch
  70. grasp sparrows tail
  71. single whip
  72. cloud hands
  73. single whip
  74. High pat on horse with piercing palm
  75. cross shape legs
  76. advance step punch toward groin
  77. advance step grasp sparrows tail
  78. single whip , cloud hands
  79. Snake creeps down
  80. step up to seven stars
  81. retreat astride tiger
  82. turn body sweep lotus
  83. draw the bow and shoot the tiger
  84. advance step, deflect, parry, and punch
  85. like sealing, as if closing
  86. cross hands
  87. closing posture
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