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Posted in practice, taiji with tags , on April 14, 2009 by marksun

here’s a post from Verna –  
A quick note before I forget my thoughts after Sunday’s practice.  I kept thinking “dichotomy . . . dichotomy”.  Feel the EMPTINESS 
à feel the emptiness become FULL with energy.  Feel the HEAVY tailbone à feel the LIGHTNESS as the HEAVY tailbone acts as an anchor.  Feel your body RELAX as the tailbone gets heavier à Feel the mind ELEVATE into total awareness; reach a state of “zanshin” a term we use in karate . . . “zanshin” is achieved through experience and instinct; a calmness of mind and detachment à “zanshin” is total awareness, “a mind like the moon”.  Am always integrating the two disciplines . . . karate will always be dominant since I’ve been training for 25 + years but the the two martial arts complement one another . . . for me it’s a terrific learning experience J!


By the way . . . after grumbling to myself, “The judo club forgot to put away the mats again!” . . . my thoughts after practice changed to “Thank you for leaving the mats down”!  I found that practicing on the softer mats made me be more CAREFUL; thus making it a better practice.


use xin to listen

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practice with an awareness of a source of energy coming out of the center of gravity the area contained by the waist. use the whole essential self to listen. use xin to listen. xin senses the energy inside.

2 weights on the tailbone

Posted in taiji with tags , on January 17, 2009 by marksun

Friday practice, instead of one weight, we tied two weights to the tailbone. That seemed to have done it for Joy who reported increased awareness. It made Myron want lower his stance.  For me, the effect was to feel a very heavy center. 

These reports are from reading the body(?)