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Posted in taiji with tags , , , , , on November 23, 2008 by marksun

We have been practicing recently mainly holding in the mind the image of the heavy tailbone.  We notice the effect of clearing the ability to sense, and at the same time clearing the channels through which chi flows, and knowing when the flow is open and when it is not so open or hanging up.  We’ve talked a little bit about how the breathing is an indicator… when the breathing catches in the chest making a sound and when the air flows through clear airpipes without sound.

The heavy tailbond image is like the handle of the whip. Fromthe base of the spine, a small slow motion is amplified by the whip itself into the progressively greater movement over space, slow motion at the handle to supersonic motion at the tip.  The clear flexible channel for energy allows this to happen – a blocked channel does not allow the whip to function.