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Large frame and Details

Posted in image, practice with tags , , , , on October 27, 2008 by marksun

In our practice  we worked with the idea of “lightness” in the beginning half of the class, visualizing the body as being light, and without substance.  Later in the practice emphasis was on the tailbone.  Usually in practice, we emphasize the tailbone, then lightness.

Portrait artists on the Waikiki sidewalks came to mind as they drew their subjects.  There seemed to be two approaches. One artist draws the eyes first, the eyebrows, then the rest of the face.  Another artist first draws in the outline, shape of the head, neck, shoulders, before filling in the details.  A saying in taichi is that the student draws the body of the dragon, the teacher puts in the eyes.

Working on the tailbone is like the first style, working on details.  Approaching practice with the image of lightness feeling the body as a whole,  is like framing the larger structure of the  portrait, working from the large scale first.