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January 2 2009- tailbone practice

Posted in taiji with tags , , on January 3, 2009 by marksun

This was the first practice of the new year.  Whole set, then first cross hands.   Emphasis was on feeling the tailbone being pulled down – everything else light.

“The tailbone is being pulled down by a heavy weight.”

“Imagine that there is a string tied on to the tailbone with one of those iron weights on it.”

Limin had questions:

 “does the weight swing?”   For me, no, the weight does not swing around at all.

Then, “what is the difference between the tailbone being pulled down, and you pulling your tailbone down?” 

Well in the first case, it’s not me pulling the tailbone down; it is down by itself.  In the second case, your mind is busy pulling the tailbone down.

“What is the effect of the tailbone being down?” 
 What we’re after is that the tailbone being pulled down is a fundamental indicator, and when we can feel that happening then the mind is free from that task and available to sense and experience more subtle effects.  One way to describe this is as a degree of detachment from the body.