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inkdrop in water, our mind is like an ink drop and our body is like the water

Posted in image, practice with tags , , on May 26, 2009 by marksun

(email from Verna) should have taken notes after practice on Sunday . . . now 2 days have passed; so am depending on my memory.  There were 4 of us at practice . . . not sure of all the names . . . the woman who has been coming on Sunday’s, Janice, myself and another woman.  We only did the first cross hand.

One image presented by Limin:  imagine a glass of clear water; then you drop ink into the water; the ink will eventually dissipate in the water.  Our mind is the ink drop; our body is the water . . . the dissipation of the ink in the water represents the unity of mind and body achieved through focused, careful and sincere practice.

Limin talked about her method of teaching in which form is secondary to understanding the relationship of mind and body and how the tools:  heavy tailbone, shoulders and elbows down can help you achieve total disbursement of the ink drops in water.  She mentioned teaching us the “essence” of taiji (using “xin” to listen to your body and guide your movements) rather than stressing perfect form. Limin also talked about peng, lu, ji, an.

Sunday afternoon I went to weapons class (practiced sai) since Monday was a holiday . . . amazing how the disbursement of ink in water can help when flipping and slashing . . . you really need to concentrate . . . otherwise you’ll hurt yourself…

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