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vapor, liquid, and ice body

Posted in taiji with tags , , , , , on November 8, 2008 by marksun

Can you lose weight by using the mind alone? A student asked this question earlier in the day, a connection appears in practice, Limin posed the question between first cross hand sets. In this case the student asks the question but sees the answer as “yes.” Limin, finds a way to disagree by agreeing, “maybe over a long time, the mind can influence weight…”

The mind can visualize lightness. We can feel lighter in practice. We are like water. Water can be a vapor like the air, a liquid, flowing water, or hard and fixed like ice. We can practice with our ice phase body, rigid and hard, or practice with our water body, flowing like liquid water, or we can practice with our vapor body, light as air. As for our weight on the scale… it is not affected immediately by this kind of perception.


Light Body

Posted in story, taiji with tags on October 16, 2008 by marksun

There was a long morning qigong session with a student with cancer. The session had been extraordinary. The student observed that although he had felt warm, he had been aware that the normal feeling of his body had been replaced by the perception of his body as pure radiant light.

This is an experience of the light body; we can observe our regular physical body, our chi energy body, our light body, and perhaps, upon attaining enlightenment, whatever lies beyond light.

story from class on the 16oct08