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Yi Xin Xing Qi

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Whole set and three first cross hands.

yi xin xing qi as a way to think about our practice.



use the mind to move qi

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We talked about the phrase : Yi Xin Xing Qi

Use the heart, the soul, the mind to put something in motion
Xin – heart/soul/mind
Xing – something in motion, put something in motion

We talk about sensing the inner depths

When the energy channels are clear the sensing channels are also clear.

Focus mind on the heavy tailbone

Da mo brought nothing material with him.  “there was not even one word came with Da Mo when he came from the west, all (practice) relies on your Xin Yi (heart and mind) to progress” ….means one has to sincerely use ones mind in his practice.

Often this phrase is used to remind people  not to learn by reading words but to use sincerity, to use intuition and to practice

vapor, liquid, and ice body

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Can you lose weight by using the mind alone? A student asked this question earlier in the day, a connection appears in practice, Limin posed the question between first cross hand sets. In this case the student asks the question but sees the answer as “yes.” Limin, finds a way to disagree by agreeing, “maybe over a long time, the mind can influence weight…”

The mind can visualize lightness. We can feel lighter in practice. We are like water. Water can be a vapor like the air, a liquid, flowing water, or hard and fixed like ice. We can practice with our ice phase body, rigid and hard, or practice with our water body, flowing like liquid water, or we can practice with our vapor body, light as air. As for our weight on the scale… it is not affected immediately by this kind of perception.

Progress relies on the Heart and Mind

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A saying  in translation….

When Da Mo came from the west, he brought not even a single word.  All progress relies on the heart and mind (Xin Yi).

“One has to sincerely use ones mind in practice.”  This phrase is used to remind people to learn not only by reading words,  but to put sincerity, purity of heart, and intuition to practice.