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practice without “baggage”

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From Verna’s Notes from Nov 15

In class today Limin told the story of Ping as a 2 year old being fascinated with the escalator at a dept. store in China . . . she said he rode up and down for 2 hours and she watched fascinated by his fascination.  Limin told us to practice with the same awe and fascination . . . with the innocence of a child without any preconceived ideas . . . practice without “baggage”.


Elasticity practice

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We practiced with an emphasis on elasticity.  Flour mixed into a dough and then kneaded for a long time  produces a dough that gets elastic, stretchy;  this is like our practice and repetition produces a sense of  elasticity in our taiji.

Our practice is not like the traditional way.  The factors producing taiji students must be a world apart in Honolulu where taiji is perceived as therapy for the elderly, and young students are rare. We don’t practice often,  long or hard.  Progress is slow.   The level of physical achievement is lower.  How far do we go – how far can we go ?  

Elasticity allows  change without breaking but must be cultivated with work.


Xin, Effectivenes of Practice

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Whole set, 1st cross hands with focus on the tailbone. A video Limin saw provided an opening to talk more about Xin in the context of buddhism;     Xin determines whether practice and meditation are effective.  A person may be said to have a “mean” Xin, or “gentle” Xin.  Xin is encumbered by thoughts that affect Xin itself.  One may meditate for years without progress because   Xin  is  clouded, is not quiet, is not at peace.


1st cross hands practice

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Wednesday, we did the whole set followed by two first cross hands sets.  

The first cross hands,  after the tailbone being down, the focus is only on sensing that the body is relaxed, especially wrists, or whereever we tend to tighten up, pace fairly slow.  

The second time, faster pace, the focus is only on the tailbone and nothing else.



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We practiced first with the image of the tailbone down only.  

Next we hold that image “automatically”, and focus on keeping everything else empty, the mind holding on to nothing further.

3 things

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tailbone heavy

soft relax

be here

No bones

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we practice with the image of having no bones, just an empty body.