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Qigong and Healing

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For the first time since her meditation retreat in China many months ago, Limin practiced the standing Qigong program with the class. Afterwards, she remarked that nothing promotes healing as much as when we allow our minds to focus completely in the way we try to do in Qigong.


a continuum of practice

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notes from class – 20 Dec 2009 –

We can focus our practice along the whole continuum concentrating on anything from Jing, to Qi, to Shen.

The image of a sliding door that can be in any position along its rail

The image of flower blooming  as an expression of continuous motion.

The image of a  multi dimensional sphere we are activating with with our hands in Qigong as our hands circle the region around the belly button.

The image of  the  meridian around our waist as the hands circle to the back to meet in the lower back with palms facing outward