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xin yuan yi ma

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A saying, xin (mind) yuan (monkey) yi (another part of mind/ idea) ma (horse). The human being has the mind of a monkey and a mind of a horse.  The quick, calculating monkey mind is constantly darting about this way and that, the legendary busybody of nature, the monkey, in its minute to minute, day to day business of  survival.  In contrast, the placid, gentle mind of the horse guides a restless and wild spirit through a life roaming the plain. The  mind  is divided; we have a monkey mind and a horse mind. Who is in charge at any one time, and how we choose which is in charge, is a rather interesting question.


Progress relies on the Heart and Mind

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A saying  in translation….

When Da Mo came from the west, he brought not even a single word.  All progress relies on the heart and mind (Xin Yi).

“One has to sincerely use ones mind in practice.”  This phrase is used to remind people to learn not only by reading words,  but to put sincerity, purity of heart, and intuition to practice.