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The waist is like the post office

Posted in Uncategorized, words and concepts with tags on July 16, 2015 by marksun

In our class we don’t use the term “lower dan tien” but rather simply “the waist”.

Not every analogy is perfect. Maybe amusing — “the waist is like the post office” , as in directing mail to California, New Jersey, Hawaii …  There is a sensation that most if not all movement in tai chi originates from that ball of juice cradled by the hips just in front of that all-important region where the spine connects to the lower body.

In former days “waist move body follow”.

Listen… describe … We listen to a stream of consciousness about tai chi and  related  subjects … we hear a description of what the form feels like, or what a particular form feels like … “the top of the head is pulled up”  “standing on hour heels, toes grabbing the floor” … description of what it feels like when just standing there.