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Form 1/24/2010

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Remember that for most final positions, the back is straight and vertical from the top of the head through the spine through the tailbone, in other words weight remains  “centered” .

At the final point in a posture, weight is centered; the knee carrying the weight does not extend forward past the foot, so there won’t be stress on the knee joint.  There is a vertical line from the top of the head through the tailbone.  This is a reason to practice as if there is an imaginary heavy weight tied to the tailbone.

Brush knee : The hand brushing the knee should be sweeping near the knee and (demonstrating) below the waistline, and not extended much higher above the knee, e.g. above the waist.  Instead the hand passes just above, brushing the knee or  close to the knee.



Initiating movement from the waist

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\The handle of the whip is the waist. When motion starts in the waist it flows out to the fingers, the toes.

practice helps you feel better, moving from the waist, rope

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Words to the senior class:  do the first cross hand 3 times and pay close attention to what you are feeling,  you will feel better.  

Movement should be “initiated” from the waist.  

“rope” image . . . when you raise a stick, it’s a stiff movement from one point . . . a rope is flexible and loose. 

(notes from Verna)