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weight transfer

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Transfer of weight from foot to foot should be gradual and purposeful.  There should be a sensing of  where the weight is on the feet, e.g. side, front, heel, toes etc.  In many moves the heel touches first, and the toe leaves the ground last.

Practicing gradual weight transfer is a tool to observe that all parts of the body are in motion at all times.  The feet don’t move without other parts of the body contributing their part in the coordination of a move.


rooted movement

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Limin used the image of wheat in the wind as an example a strong rooted connection to the ground and  flexibility above.  Where the root is strong and the stalk is flexible, the plant is not broken by the wind but remains planted and moves as a whole, yields to the wind, and relies on its roots to hold.   This image was used to convey the feeling of being strongly connected to the ground through the feet as we move,  pushing from one foot to another,  transferring  weight from one foot to the other.

Jing Qi Shen

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jing, qi, shen – in traditional method this is a verbal drill to hammer the concepts home. Occassionally we talk about it in our practice to cutivate these central ideas into awareness.

jing –  “essense”, the secretion of glands.   The chemicals of life

qi – energy

shen – spirit

In practice we work our way up to raise  jing,  qi, then  shen. In the course of the day we can be worn down spirit first, qi, then jing leaving us tired and exhausted.

We talked more about weight transfer.  A weight transfer usually involves a graduated pushing motion from one foot to the other.  Weight moves slowly through the move. Feet are planted firmly throughout so the connection to the ground is complete, solid.

emphasis on tailbone, shoulders, elbows down

[couple of new faces to our class – their toddler nearby, w,v,l,p]